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Life is about how you step into the unknown

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For over 30 years as a visual story teller, multifaceted Los Angeles area photographer Howard Morris has created conceptual images for corporate, advertising, music, editorial clients, and Non Profit Organizations. Specializing in location photography, his work has taken him from Russia to the jungles of the Darien Gap. Howard uses his expert knowledge of digital photography, retouching, prepress, and design, to achieve the collaborative client / photographer goals with visual impact.

Since 2007 Howard has been involved in book production, design & layout, and prepress, as well as interactive ebook design & authoring, for museums, publishers, historical societies, foundations, galleries, artists, and authors.

As an avid rock climber and traveler, Howard is deeply involved in documenting native cultures and endangered species, and his experiences have given him the ability to adapt to extreme situations and produce quality work.

Specialties, but not limited to: Photojournalism, Narrative and Documentary, Environmental Portrait, Endangered Species, and Conceptual Photography.