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Where There is Love and Inspiration

Early in the morning on a swollen Rio Sambu in Panama, we drifted across a black water lagoon-like intersection, with a tree marking the beginning of an unnamed tributary. Our boatsman Juancito laughed with Michael our host, Jenna and I stared in wonder, and the Embera bowman navigated us through snags and shallow water, brushing aside overhanging trees with his oar at the mouth of the tributary. The small river felt like the river Styx,




1: an unlucky event or occurrence 

2: a bad experience or accident that is usually minor

Life is a series of misadventures. The stories we tell afterwards, we call adventures. It is the failures, adversities and mishaps that are the notes, musically speaking, that make the ballads of these stories. The setbacks in our endeavors, weather, illness, fear, error, and bad luck, add to our growth and make us what we are.